Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fashion Marketing Communication

These are some facts about how fashion marketing communication in the future is going to work and how fashion fix is going to be a succes:

→ Women are working more and more each day hence more time in the office leading to less time to think about what to wear every morning, not enough time to go shopping so one must definitely mix and match outfits to use the basic things in the closet and mix them up with something stylish

→ We are evolving into a culture that works a lot with technology so everything is done online, we connect online through our telephones, from home, school, the office, with one simple click, your outfit is done

→ Even though many segments are in crucial crisis, fashion still sells, people like to look sylish all the time, fashion makes a person feel good and feel comfortable with themselves inside and out at any time of the day , it satisfies that desire.

→ Fashion fix can help a woman any age get inspired on certain of the outfits we see on the blog, but personalize them and make their own fashion statement

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